Biographical information about Carlotta Champagne.


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Carlotta Champagne was born in the United States in the state of Florida in 1983. She grew up not far from a highly cultural (aka artsy-fartsy) area near Tampa. It wasn't long after she turned 18 years old before she become well-known locally as a figure model. If you look at that "figure" it's easy to understand why.

She was discovered by Playboy in late 2005 during an epic casting call where tons of drop-dead gorgeous models were reviwed by some of the company's best talent scouts. Carlotta debuted in Playboy's College Girls issue in 2006. This happened to coincide almost perfectly with her own college graduation (from University of South Florida).

Quick to capitalize on her growing popularity, Carlotta started her own website in 2008.

Because she stays so busy shooting content for her website, Carlotta claims she never has a chance to date and is still single.